Reopening for Customers

Reopen - Recover - Reimagine

Reopening for customers is relevant for both retail establishments as well as business-to-business. There are things to evaluate when reopening for both types of customers.

  • How do we remain relevant and inspire loyalty during a time when my services may not be top of mind?
    • Demonstrate a solid commitment┬áto healthcare (physical distancing, wearing masks, cleaning protocols)
    • Think through opportunities to be agile and flexible to meet customers’ needs (delivery options, extra in-store cleaning, new outreach programs)
    • Establish a customer response team
    • Incorporate sales, promotions, and consistently evaluate prices

Customer Response Squad

  • Analyze Customer Insight & Demand
  • Align on appropriate, timely value propositions
  • Identify realistic, high-growth opportunities
  • Reinvest marketing spend across these opportunities
  • Re-set pricing temporarily (if necessary) to meet customers’ needs
  • Continually monitor and optimize
  • Align on next wave
  • Repeat

Sales, Pricing & Promotions

  • Sales:
    • Identify the highest ROI sales initiatives
    • Empower sales teams to sell remotely
    • Get creative with customer outreach programs
    • Ensure digital representation is adequate and fully represented
    • Double down on customer service!
  • Pricing and Promotions:
    • Understand the Customers’ evolving needs
    • Implement Flexible Pricing or Tiered Pricing
    • Refresh items based on shoppers’ behaviors
    • Continually reevaluate promotional effectiveness
    • Consider loosening return and cancellation policies