Chicago Rockford International Airport flies above its competitors with $40million hangar development

RFD_Airport_logo-CMYK-951x1024Business Review USA reports on the Chicago Rockford International Airport and the new Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility constructed for AAR Corp.

The process of constructing a new maintenance and repair hangar was born out of an anticipated increase influx of larger cargo aircraft heading into the Chicago Rockford International Airport. Following feedback from the large cargo operators, a strategy was developed.

“The issue that seemed to come to light was if cargo operators brought a large aircraft here such as a Boeing 747-8 and it had a maintenance issue, they were concerned that there wasn’t anybody here at the airport that could address those maintenance needs or to repair the aircraft before departing,” says Jeff Polsean, Economic Development Manager at Chicago Rockford International Airport.

“So as our Airport Director Mike Dunn looked at that process he discovered that in order to have a maintenance repair type MRO here you needed to be able to train Airframe Maintenance and/or Powerplant mechanics. (A&P)”

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