Rockford Career College Offering Shorter, More Affordable Programs

Rockford Career College Continues to Provide the Rockford Region with a Ready Workforce

At its heart Rockford Career College is dedicated to providing students with a fast-track to meaningful careers though shortened programs. The 40% reduction in required course time also means students save money with fees moving from $319 to $175 per credit hour.

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Rockford Career College Offering Shorter, More Affordable Programs


Rockford Career College

Rockford, Ill. (April 4, 2016) – Rockford Career College, which has been serving Illinois since 1862, has reduced the length of its programs, which translates to lower costs as well.

“Since Rockford Career College was founded, the administration has been focused on teaching students the skills they need to get into the workforce faster, without all the extras,” explained CEO Stephen Tave. “We talked to our students, faculty members and administrators to find out how we could do even more for our students and these new, streamlined programs are the result of those talks.”

In addition to saving time, Rockford Career College students are also saving money, as the costs for many programs have gone down 40 percent.

Programs offered include:
• Facilities Management
• Electrical Technician
• Business Administration
• Information Technology
• Massage Therapy
• Medical Programs
• Veterinary Technician
• Paralegal
• Welding

Founded in 1862, Rockford Career College has remained focused on the same goal for 150 years: preparing students for quick entry into the workforce. They do so by keeping pace with the needs of business to ensure the skills they need are the skills that are taught.

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