The Rockforward2! Results Report is Out

2015 Rockforward2 Results CoverComplete with an overview of activities from 2013 through 2015, results from the main economic indicators for the region including Capital Investment, New or Retained Jobs and New or Renovated Square Feet of Space. 

A snapshot of strategic results shows a small portion of team accomplishments over the last 3 years relating to:

  • Target Marketing & Recruitment
  • Quality Connected Infrastructure
  • Emerging Opportunities Fund
  • 21st Century Talent
  • Thriving Business Climate

The Rockforward2! Results Report also provides an overview of the Rockforward20/20 strategic plan. To find out how we will accomplish the goals set for the next five years, contact Jimsi Kuborn, Vice President of Investor Relations at or 815.987.8118. 

Download your copy of the Rockforward2! Results Report

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