Comptroller Munger spoke with local stakeholders

Comptroller Munger

ROCKFORD, Oct. 23 — On Tuesday, Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger met with a group of local business people and elected officials to discuss her first year in office. Comptroller Munger was sworn in on January 12, 2015 and has since worked closely with Governor Rauner and the Illinois Legislator to create a balanced budget.

After a pizza luncheon and a short presentation by Comptroller Munger, the floor was opened for questions.

“It was a great discussion; there were many good questions and ideas going around. I’m proud that the RAEDC is able to put on events like this to introduce our state officials to local stakeholders,” said Stacy Bernardi, Vice President for Development for the RAEDC.

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10.20 Comptroller Munger event


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