Measuring the Success of Rockforward20/20

Rockforward20/20 Economic Indicator Goals

  • New and Retained Jobs – 10,500
  • Investment in the Rockford Region – $925 Million
  • Square Feet of New and Renovated Space – 8 Million

Region’s Economic Scorecard

These figures represent the collective successes during the new Rockforward20/20 strategic plan. The plan began in January 2016 and will continue through December 2020.

The results shown below are for the first 12 months of the 60-month Rockforward20/20 strategic plan.


There was one regional project win in December, a manufacturer expanded and hired additional staff to support a significant purchase order.

Previous Economic Scorecard Updates

The numbers reported each month are estimates and will continue to be adjusted to reflect the most up to date and accurate figures as they become available. These adjustments will be signified through the use of asterisks.

MonthNew or Retained JobsCapital InvestmentNew or Renovated Space
There was one regional project win in December, a manufacturer expanded and hired additional staff to support a significant purchase order.
There were no projects closed as wins in November.
There were two regional project wins in October, a Rockford manufacturer expanded warehouse space and hired to support a significant purchase order, and a logistics company established operations in Rockford with a high growth potential.
Two projects closed in September, both projects involved local manufacturing companies expanding their operations. One company expanded its facility in the City of Loves Park and the other company relocated within the City of Rockford.
Three projects closed in August including the attraction of a company in the logistics cluster, the regional retention of an information technology company, and the expansion of a company in the tourism sector.
One project closed in July, a large manufacturer transferred two additional products to its Rockford facility, resulting in 40 new local positions.
June620$566,364,952 Million970,700*
Two project wins were recorded in June for the Rockford Region. The retention of the Winnebago County division of a national manufacturing company, with the potential for increased investment in its facility, and the expansion of a food processing company which is expected to create 15 jobs initially with additional growth anticipated within two years. *This figure has been amended since May 2016 to more accurately reflect the new or renovated space.
May252$565,364,952 Million1,083,200
These figures represent the 13 total regional wins for 2016. The most recent win represents the year's first attraction win, an HVAC company expanded to the Rockford Region from the Chicagoland area. They had originally targeted southern Wisconsin before signing a lease in our region.
April242$564,864,952 Million1,043,200
Further headway towards reaching the Rockforward20/20 goals was made in April through a collaborative investment between higher education facilities and the healthcare industry. Additional progress was made through the expansion of a business in the customer service call center cluster that anticipates hiring 100 employees initially and which plans to continue hiring additional employees in the near future.
March142$532,864,952 Million926,200
A business in the healthcare cluster has expanded their facility. A local manufacturing company in Rockford is implementing the first of a two-stage expansion. A manufacturer in Machesney Park is expanding workforce to support increased sales.
February36$25 Million148,500
There are wins from January and February leading to these Regional Impact Measurements. A business in the healthcare cluster has expanded their facility resulting in increases for Capital Investment and Renovated or New Space figures.
January36$18 Million132,500
There were two wins in January leading to these Regional Impact Measurements. One company expanded their facility to accommodate increased production needs. The other company consolidated its operations choosing Rockford over it's out of state facility.
GOALS10,500$925 Million8 Million

The RAEDC will additionally track

  • Unemployment
  • Employment
  • Exports
  • Gross Regional Product per Employment (productivity)
  • Real Per Capita Income (buying power)

RAEDC Internal Activity Metrics

  • Showing activity under the five strategies and respective tactics including
    • Project wins
    • Website and social media
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC)