Measuring the Success of Rockforward20/20

Rockforward20/20 Economic Indicator Goals

  • New and Retained Jobs – 10,000
  • Investment in the Rockford Region – $925 Million
  • Square Feet of New and Renovated Space – 8 Million

Region’s Economic Scorecard

These figures represent the collective successes of the new Rockforward20/20 strategic plan. The plan began in January 2016 and will continue through December 2020.

The results shown below are for 32 months of the 60-month Rockforward20/20 strategic plan.

Economic Impact Capital InvestmentCapital Investment
95% to goal
New/Retained Jobs
53% to goal
New/Renovated Space
3,976,484 sq.ft.
50% to goal


Previous Economic Scorecard Updates

The numbers reported each month are estimates and will continue to be adjusted to reflect the most up to date and accurate figures as they become available.

MonthNew or Retained JobsCapital InvestmentNew or Renovated Space
2018: January - September2,009$177,203,7641,959,718 sq.ft.
20171,000$51,300,432484,374 sq.ft.
20162,369$657,100,7071,528,939 sq.ft.
Progress Total5,278$864,665,1395,933,233 sq.ft.
Progress Percentage51% to goal96% to goal74% to goal
GOALS10,500$925 Million8 Million

The RAEDC will additionally track

  • Unemployment
  • Employment
  • Exports
  • Gross Regional Product per Employment (productivity)
  • Real Per Capita Income (buying power)

RAEDC Internal Activity Metrics

  • Showing activity under the five strategies and respective tactics including
    • Project wins
    • Website and social media
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC)