Investing in the Success of Our Local Workforce

The Rockford region is a thriving hub of industry and innovation, and the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee is committed to harnessing the potential of our local workforce. In a region boasting an abundance of skilled labor, we are strategically investing in and supporting workforce development programs to propel Rockford into a new era of economic prosperity.

Rockford’s workforce is a force to be reckoned with, standing tall with twice the national average in manufacturing employment. Fueled by a strong work ethic ingrained in the Midwest culture, the region is a beacon for industrial, automotive, and aerospace site selection. The Economic Development Committee recognizes this potential and is channeling its efforts into cultivating a workforce that meets the demands of these dynamic industries.

Manufacturing is a cornerstone of our local and regional economy, and it is experiencing unprecedented growth in the Rockford region. With a thriving industrial landscape, our region ranks first in aerospace manufacturing statewide and second in manufacturing employment, “on & off” road vehicle manufacturing, and industrial machine manufacturing.

Our goal at the Economic Development Committee is to this success and support its growth through workforce development and other economic opportunities. We recognize the importance of technical and engineering skills in the modern job market and are collaborating with educational institutions and industry partners to offer training programs that align with the evolving needs of businesses in the region. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, we are ensuring that the workforce remains adaptable and well-equipped to tackle the challenges of a rapidly changing economic landscape.

Moreover, we understand the importance of collaboration in driving economic success. Through strategic partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies, our team facilitates a seamless integration of resources to support workforce development initiatives. By creating a synergy between key stakeholders, we are able to maximize the impact of programs, fostering an environment where businesses can thrive and individuals can build fulfilling careers.

As the Rockford region continues to attract attention as a prime location for industrial, automotive, and aerospace ventures, the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee remains at the forefront of this economic renaissance. By investing in the workforce, we are securing the region’s economic future and ensuring that Rockford remains a beacon of opportunity for generations to come. We are proudly laying the foundation for sustained economic success by investing in the region’s greatest asset – our workforce. With a thriving manufacturing sector, skilled labor force, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Rockford is poised to become a model for economic development in the Midwest and beyond.