Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce Provides Vital Services for Businesses

The Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce stands as a beacon of support and opportunity for primary employers seeking growth, development, and success. As a part of the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce, our Economic Development team plays a pivotal role in the economic landscape, offering a comprehensive range of services and resources to the business community.

One of the key areas of focus for our economic development team is helping businesses access funding for workforce development. Through strategic partnerships with entities like The Workforce Connection, we facilitate the utilization of federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) grant dollars, assisting primary employers in talent acquisition and providing access to fund customized trainings.

Our Economic Development team’s commitment to bridging the gap between businesses and education institutions is equally impressive. By partnering with local educational institutions like Rock Valley College, and Rockford Public and Harlem School Districts, we help to close the skills gap, create career pathways, and offer internship opportunities. This fosters a direct connection between businesses and emerging talent, laying the foundation for a prosperous future.

The organization also offers invaluable assistance to manufacturers with operational and manufacturing needs. Partnering with the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), we provide access to expertise and resources that empower manufacturers to stay competitive and innovative in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Additionally, the Economic Development team works to connect businesses with the global market. Through cooperation with government agencies and the Foreign Trade Zone #176 and Greater Rockford Airport Authority, companies can import goods and materials without immediate tax and duty payments. This paves the way for expanding opportunities on the global stage.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce and our Economic Development team’s mission. By partnering with utility companies, local governments, and state entities, we assess site readiness, mitigate relocation risks, and ensure shovel-ready locations for businesses. Our Economic Development team also collaborates with the State of Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) to offer economic development incentives, including tax benefits and workforce development incentives.

Our Economic Development team is also the sole entity in Winnebago County that fulfills requests for information from site selectors, advocating for the redevelopment of brownfield sites, and positioning large industrial sites before site selectors. For businesses looking to expand their supply chain, we bring experts to the table for one-on-one meetings, fostering connections and enhancing growth prospects.

Through a comprehensive range of services and strategic partnerships, the Economic Development team of the Greater Rockford Chamber of Commerce facilitates economic growth, job creation, and prosperity for the Rockford area, ensuring a bright economic future for the community. To learn more about the services and programs offered, click here.