Establishing and Reestablishing Supply Chains at MAC2022

Recently there has been consistent talk of supply chain shortages and disruption due to many reasons such as too lean of a Just In Time (JIT) methodology, transportation and distribution interruptions, and manufacturing facility shutdowns from COVID-19.

This JIT management paradigm – developed by Eiji Toyoda, the CEO of Toyota, relies heavily on the exchange of information: only when a downstream customer stage or factory communicates its precise orders to its upstream supplier does the latter commence production.

Earlier this year the RAEDC conducted a survey of regional manufacturers and 82% of respondents answered that they are experiencing supply chain disruptions; an increase of 19 percentage points over the same time as 2020.

This is where MAC2022 allows aerospace-based companies to connect with potential suppliers, peers, and service providers. MAC2022 creates connections, discusses innovation, and strengthens supply chains and opportunities for attendees as well as exhibitors.

MAC2022 features workshops, matchmaking, exhibitions, and presentations tackling key topics in the aerospace industry from cybersecurity to supply chain development.

Featuring Dr. Ronald Sega as the keynote speaker and Dr. Kevin Michaels with an aerospace industry update, provide matchmaking opportunities, and continue the discussion about innovation, cybersecurity, and emerging technology.

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