Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Jr - MLK

There are many reasons to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here are some suggestions to help you celebrate the day in a meaningful way that reflects the purpose of his life.

  • Read some of his lesser-known work
  • Discuss with children why he was jailed and how that may have impacted his beliefs
  • Discuss why the civil rights movement was needed then and why it is still needed today
  • Discuss who was involved both today as well as in the last century
  • Participate in community building activities year-round
  • Read more about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr;┬áhistory classes don’t always provide the full story
  • Talk to older family members about what they remember from that era
  • Watch movies that tell the story of that time period, many have been released recently including Selma, Loving, and Lee Daniel’s The Butler to name a very small few
  • Use your talents to create visual art, poems, or writings to shine a light on marginalized people
  • Support organizations that fight for racial justice and equality