Swedish Community and Business Leaders from Skaraborg to Visit Rockford and Chicago

There is a history of several delegations from the Rockford Region visiting the County of Skaraborg, as well as visits made to the Rockford Region from this part of Sweden. Each visit generates channels that pave the way for reciprocal mentorship and educational opportunities, as well continued opportunities for business matchmaking.

Additionally, the itinerary for the delegation will focus on retail and Swedish cultural visits. In 2015, the Swedish Historical Society of Rockford was gifted with a sizeable donation of $ 1,5 million from the late Mr. Conrad Johnson, who at the age of 19 years emigrated from the City of Tidaholm to Rockford. A news conference will be held on Wednesday, October 25 at 10:00 a.m. at the Nordic Cultural Center next to the Erlander Home Museum to further highlight and celebrate this link between Rockford and Tidaholm. The delegation is also comprised of a Swedish business owner of outdoor/recreational products, AStro Sweden, looking for new ideas and potential business partners within the U.S. market. Out Swedish connections emphasis that can all “grow locally by working globally.”

The Swedish delegation consists of the following community and business leaders:

Ambjörn Lennartsson, Deputy Mayor, City of Tidaholm
Eva Thelin, City Administrator, City of Tidaholm
Malin Lundberg, Business Director, City of Tidaholm
Miranda Bergsten, Communication Director, City of Tidaholm
Christer Kjellner, CEO, Astro Sweden
Anna Sundbom, Business Director, City of Skara
Claes Fahlgren, Business Coordinator, County of Skaraborg
Linnea Bengtsson, International Business Developer, City of Lidköping & County of Skaraborg

For More Information
Linnea Bengtsson
International Business Developer, City of Lidköping & County of Skaraborg, Sweden
815 985 3895