The Next Big Thing – NIU EIGERlab FastPitch Competition

FastPitch Competition - NIU EIGERlabOn September 28th RAEDC staff volunteered during the NIU EIGERlab FastPitch Competition. Supporting this yearly event is part of the ongoing activities the RAEDC undertakes as part of the daily work of economic development.

The FastPitch Competition, is the Rockford Region’s version of Shark Tank. It provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their products and ideas to judges and can result in a $5,000 prize to develop and promote their idea. There have been many success stories resulting from the competition. These include 2014 winner SockTABS and 2015 winner Wrapperoo.

The innovation hub has seen a lot of changes since it started in 2005 under the governance of the Rockford Area Ventures Board. Operated for a while by the Rockford Area Economic Development Council, the EIGERlab now is run by Northern Illinois University.

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