Rockford Makes National List of Fastest Growing Housing Market

USA Today Names Rockford, IL as 6th Fastest Growing Housing Market

USA Today recently announced Rockford as the 6th fastest growing market for housing in the US. This is a great sign for the Rockford Area economy. The housing market has often been used to serve as an indicator of economic well-being. The measurement that put Rockford in 6th place was a measurement of the change in median sales prices of a single family home in the Rockford Region. This is a huge success for the region.

In conjunction with the increase in the prices of single-family homes, other economic indicators in the same timeframe of 2015 Q2 – 2016 Q2 are the decrease in unemployment by .3% and a 3,100 increase in total nonfarm jobs. This news is a sign that the Rockford Region is continuing along the path to reach Top 25 status by 2025.

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