RAEDC Joins Panel Discussion at Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Retreat 2016

IL Black Caucus Stacy BernardiStacy Bernardi, Vice President for Development participated in a panel discussion at the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Retreat 2016. The panel also featured Rep. Carol Ammons (Job Creation and Economic Development) Focusing on minorities and underserved areas, Dr. Lou Turner, and Dr. Melinda Kelly-Chatham Business Association. Each member of the panel spoke for 15 minutes and then answered questions for another 30 minutes.

Stacy Bernardi spoke on place based economic development. She provided the audience a brief description of the RAEDC and the history of the Rockford Region, as well as how economic development organizations can play a role on identifying locations and placing training facilities in the area for those that may not have transportation to training or jobs.

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