Rockford-made sockTABs officially hit the market

sockTABs logo-300x173
Rockford, IL (Oct. 29, 2014) – The Burress family, creator of the original sockTABs ™, announced the formal release of their ingenious pairing device at a press conference to be held at EIGERlab.

American-made sockTABs provide a simple solution to an everyday household problem: the infamous “sock monster!”

Tracie is proud to share that she’s completed the second round of ABC’s Shark Tank. To impress the Shark Tank judges—knock their socks off, so to speak—she is now counting on buyers in the Rockford Region to support this product with great sales volume.

She’d love to bring positive, national exposure to Rockford while obtaining capital to grow.

sockTABs are currently available for purchase at b jones Boutique, Crimson Ridge, Porch, Tom Harmer and; retail price, just $9.99 for 24 tabs. Currently, negotiations are underway with major retailers in the region—expect to announce partnership in the near future.

The tabs not only pair socks but also serve as a stylish fashion accessory, like cufflinks for socks!




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