A-American Machine & Assembly Co.

A-American Machine and Assembly was established in 1986 by Mark Keller and his father Vern. Their plan at that time was to provide customized solutions to individuals and companies that were otherwise unable to find specialty solutions to meet their production needs. In other words, they were going to start a machine ‘job’ shop. Their approach was determined by Vern Keller, who said, “Alright kid, I’ll go out and get the work and you’re gonna make it”.

And make it they did, between the tireless hours, grit, determination and personal standards of excellence; these two gentlemen created an impeccable reputation for themselves. With this, the work continued to come in and A-American Machine and Assembly grew to need a new facility, tripling their previous square footage. While the machine shop was buzzing with work, Mark Keller had a few ideas in mind for the future. In 1996 the A-American Press Parts division was started, with the divisions of American Whitney Hand Tools, Wilpack Packaging & Crumb-Cut to follow over the next 15 years.

Throughout the growth and development at A-American, there’s one thing that has remained the same…Our Foundation. At A-American Companies we are founded on faith, family, hard work, and ‘good old fashioned’ morals, values and ethics. Our team of highly skilled, expert individuals are dedicated to designing and producing quality products and innovative solutions utilizing their high standards of excellence, precision and superior service.

At A-American, we’re proud of where we come from…and excited about where we’re going.

2620 Auburn St Rockford, IL 61101