Arrowtech Pallet & Crating Inc

We will do it all…recycled and re-manufactured pallets, crates, specialty products, custom cut hardwood & softwood and new pallets.

“Our customers are our best advertisement.” John Swenby President

We are dedicated to the philosophy of total pallet management (TPM). TPM signifies our commitment to meeting our customer’s expectations in service and quality. Our services include spotting trailers to store and remove wood materials at your premises, a just in time (J.I.T.) delivery program so that you can reduce the amount of storage space needed for pallets within your facility, and custom size pallets can be made from recycled materials.

We recently installed a state of the art, nail on the fly, pallet repair system to better meet our customers expectations. Please refer to our automation page for more information.

860 E Jackson St Belvidere, IL 61008