State Line Foundries, Inc.

State Line Foundries has been providing customers quality precision castings for over 45 years. We specialize in prototype and production iron castings, in lot sizes of one to thousands and in weights of ounces to 2,000 pounds. Casting configurations range from simple no-core work to highly-cored work such as exhaust manifolds, water-cooled manifolds, pump housings, and hydraulic components. We can handle up to 20 tons per day.

In house lab capabilities
We have a modern in-house lab staffed by trained professional technicians. We offer a complete line of in-house lab capabilities including:
Material Certifications
Chemical & mechanical analysis
Tensile strength

We routinely provide material certifications with prototype castings. There is no delay in certifications when castings are ready to ship. To measure ductibility and microstructure, we can provide micrographs of your prototype part.

We have an in-house pattern shop with a capability to produce a wide range of equipment from Styrofoam to CNC machined patterns from customer\’s CAD files.

We also offer heat treating, painting, plating, machining and other value added services through our network of external providers.

Our 67,600 square feet facility is located on 6.5 acres on the North side of Roscoe, Illinois along Highway 251.

13227 N 2nd St PO Box 530 Roscoe, IL 61073