Rockford Housing Authority

The Rockford Housing Authority is a municipal corporation which has historically served the housing needs of low and very low income persons in the City of Rockford through HUD funded public and Section 8 housing. RHA has aimed to provide “decent, safe and sanitary” low-income public housing to Rockford’s citizens for decades. Throughout the decades the needs of our community have changed, and our agency must proactively adapt to meet these changing needs. The Rockford Housing Authority is in transition from the provider of decent safe and sanitary housing to the leading provider of housing that meets a higher community vision. This transition involves the disposition, demolition, redevelopment or conversion of obsolete developments that no longer meet the RHA and City of Rockford viability and community standards. In order to accomplish this challenging and ambitious agenda, RHA will pursue leveraging all of its limited resources and creative intelligence to plan, fund and execute the change. Throughout this process RHA will continue to reach out to the community to help guide and hold the organization accountable.

223 S Winnebago St Rockford, IL 61102