Advanced Flexible Composites

AFC makes these diverse products possible. Since 1988, this innovative manufacturer of high temperature, non-stick composite materials has risen to the forefront of the PTFE- and silicone-coated market. Whether it be fabric, conveyor belting, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, or heat sealers, AFC has solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Common markets include food processing, packaging, plastics, composite bonding, can manufacturing, textiles, and vinyl windows, among others.

AFC\’s headquarters is located in Lake in the Hills, IL, which is 50 miles northwest of Chicago. AFC also operates a Specialty Belting Division and East Coast Distribution Center (Bennington, VT). We are pleased to have operations in Mexico and Italy to support global markets.

We invite you to explore AFC and see how experience matters.

Beyond Industrial
While primarily known for its Dura® line of industrial products, AFC also operates a Food Products Group. This business segment, DuraChef®, partners with major quick service restaurants such as Subway®, Dunkin®, Burger King®, and Starbucks® to provide consistent consumer meals. DuraChef® also carries a line of cooking and baking products that outlast and outperform traditional kitchen wares.

AFC understands its obligation as a manufacturer to encourage sustainable practices. This can be found in AFC Renewables, which developed the revolutionary process of No Waste Technology ™: the ability to fully recycle paper-based laminate products. Another environmentally friendly product, Chef Pack®, was designed with food safety in mind. This 100% biodegradable packaging remains sealed from factory to consumer, allowing moisture to escape during cooking while preventing air from entering. It is the ultimate oven within an oven, and provides a reliable option for those with food sensitivities.

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