Innovation Tuesday – Corporate Refugee Startup Guide

Tuesday, March 13
5:30 – 7:30 pm
NIU EIGERlab, 8500 E. State Street, Rockford
Cost: $15
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Innovation_Tuesdays_Logo - Creating Your Business PlanPresented by the author, David Gee, “The Corporate Refugee Startup Guide” has been created for people that have a burning desire to launch their own startup and have become disillusioned with working for traditional organizations. These people tend to be highly self-motivated, exhibit strong creative skills, embrace change and possess a significant solution-orientation. These individuals are ready to make the leap into their own startup. They typically already have a startup idea but are savvy enough to know that they need guidance to avoid critical missteps. They are finally ready to move from being a wantrepreneur, someone who has an idea but doesn’t launch, to an entrepreneur, who launches a startup. They typically have family and financial obligations that need to be considered before they launch their business. They want to familiarize themselves with proven processes that have been used around the world to maximize their success.

Book signing following the program.