Wage Data

The Rockford Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) offers a strong workforce with competitive wages in key occupations. The State of Illinois updates these figures on a routine basis.

The document features salary data for entry, median and experienced career levels.

Download the latest edition of the Rockford MSA Occupational Wages.

Salaries in the Rockford Region can be lower than other comparably sized cities; this is due to a lower cost of living for the area. Compare the Rockford Region’s cost of living to other cities throughout the US.

Cost of Living Comparison

2019 annual average costs include housing, food, utilities, transportation, miscelaneous good, and health care.

Metro AreaComposite Index
New York (Manhattan), NY237.4
San Diego, CA141.3
Chicago, IL120.0
Denver, CO110.8
Madison, WI106.6
Minneapolis, MN106.2
Allentown, PA104.0
Joliet-Will County, IL100.6
Detroit, MI99.5
Austin, TX99.3
Phoenix, AZ98.9
Cleveland, OH96.6
Cedar Rapids, IA95.8
Chattanooga, TN94.7
Mobile, AL94.3
Surprise, AZ93.6
Peoria, IL92.6
Columbus, OH92.2
Indianapolis, IN92.1
Quad Cities (Davenport-Bettendorf-Moline-Rock Island, IA-IL)91.7
Wichita, KS90.8
Des Moines, IA89.6
Rockford, IL88.9
Champaign-Urbana, IL87.7
St. Louis, MO87.6