Regional Data & Stats

Interested in finding out more demographic, economic, and social information for the Rockford MSA? Regional data and statistics are updated as information is released through the Census Bureau or through local governments. – EDDNI is the Economic Development District of Northern Illinois. Specializing in the creation of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for Boone, McHenry, and Winnebago Counties.

This is the second CEDS for Boone and Winnebago counties, and the first for McHenry County. It overlaps two metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) – the Rockford MSA (Boone and Winnebago counties) and the Chicago MSA (of which McHenry County is a part). Shared industry strengths, transportation assets, and recent regional economic development partnerships form the basis for collaboration.

Northern Stateline Economy Jobs Report – provides a current snapshot of the regional economy and talent resources.

The report covers the following key areas:

  • Demographics
  • Industries
  • Occupations
  • Workforce Characteristics
  • Workforce Availability

The Northern Stateline Economy & Jobs Report covers the Northern Stateline Economic Development Region (EDR), which included the counties of Boone, Winnebago, Ogle and Stephenson. The EDR reflects a total population of 436,273 and a labor force of 228,602. The Manufacturing industry represents 21.3% of employment in the EDR; followed by Trade, Transportation, & Utilities at 22.3%; and Educational-Health Services at 19.5%.

Information is also reported for the Rockford Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), referring to Boone and Winnebago Counties, with a total population of 339,376 and labor force of 176,656.

The Northern Stateline Economy & Jobs Report was designed:

  • To provide businesses with current regional data to assist with decision making.
  • To identify the changing demographics in the region.
  • To understand the impact of the changing demographics on the local talent availability and the economy.
  • To identify regional industry sectors contributing to the regional economic

Rockford Population Demographics – Information about the population of Rockford, IL relating to age, gender and race.