Access to educational opportunities is varied and outstanding in the Rockford Region, which is home to many colleges, universities and technical schools that provide diverse postsecondary opportunities. Within the commuting range there are over 45 higher education institutions. Locally within the Rockford MSA, over 12,000 students are enrolled in post-secondary institutions.

The K-12 system includes over 77,000 students enrolled in both public and private schools. Awards for excellence have been received throughout our system.

In 2015, Rockford was named the 3rd Ford Next Generation Model Community in the nation, one of just 17 in the nation to receive the distinction. Rockford Public Schools District 205 was recognized for their high school redesign, which began with the rollout of the academy model in 2010. This allows Rockford to host visitors from other communities hoping to start career academies in their schools.

Rockford Region AttainmentNumberPercent
Persons 25 years and older230,371100.0
Less than 9th grade11,1514.8
9th to 12th grade, no diploma19,7788.6
High school graduate/GED78,01133.9
Some college, no degree53,72823.3
Associate degree 18,5778.1
Bachelor’s degree 31,19313.5
Graduate/professional degree17,9337.9
Enrollment K-12 Enrollment
RPS 20528,689
Winnebago County Public Schools45,407
Total Enrollment77,000