Courtesy Aircraft

Courtesy Aircraft, Inc. was founded in 1957, by D.M. Clark, as a new Cessna aircraft dealer, and grew through the 60’s to include Piper and Champion (Citabria) dealerships. In addition, Courtesy Aircraft, Inc. was active in the sales of select used aircraft. It was in the success of the used aircraft market that pointed the way to the firm’s current position as a world leader in quality warbird and civilian aircraft sales.

In the early 70’s, due to the knowledge and enthusiasm of the founder’s son, Mark Clark, today an accomplished pilot and A&P mechanic, Courtesy Aircraft, Inc. found itself heavily involved in sales of a new market – warbirds. This market consisted primarily of World War II and Korean era ex-military trainers, fighters, and bombers such as the T-6/SNJ Texans, P-51 Mustangs, and B-25 Mitchells.

In the early 80’s, Mark purchased the company from his father and relocated to a 13,000 square foot facility conveniently located at the Greater Rockford Airport in Rockford, Illinois. The business continued to prosper and another new market began to emerge: the post modern era warbirds such as the “L” Birds, T-34 Mentors, O-2 Fighting Skymasters and T-28 Trojans.

With over 3,000 aircraft sold and delivered, we are extremely proud of our longevity and accomplishments and look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in the sales of both warbirds and civilian aircraft.

5233 Falcon Rd Rockford, IL 61109