Cellusuede Products, Inc.

Çellusuede Products, Inc. was formed by Jack Sutton in 1938 to manufacture flocked paper. After initially making flock for its own consumption, the company began to supply the U.S. flocking industry in 1945.

In the late 1940s, Cellusuede began to supply cotton flock to the automotive industry, and continues to make nylon and polyester flock for the automotive industry today. Cellusuede introduced its pasting fiber to the automotive and industrial battery industry in the 1960s.

For more than 70 years, Cellusuede has served many other industries as well by producing flock for greeting cards, walk-off mats, paint pads, screen-print graphics, apparel, plastics, cosmetics and a variety of packaging.

In 1989, Cellusuede became employee-owned and remains so to this day. We now supply to five continents and more than twenty countries.

In the summer of 2016, Cellusuede moved into a 125,000 sf facility in Rockford, IL., where we cut and process all our fibers under one roof. This new plant will enable Cellusuede to grow into the largest pasting fiber supplier in the world and continue to provide first-quality fiber to our ever increasing customer base.

Our pasting fiber is distributed world-wide by our strategic partner, Sorfin Yoshimura, among other distributors, and we have partners in Europe to cut fiber for our European customer base, in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

500 N Madison St PO Box 716 Rockford, IL 61105