Forgings & Stampings, Inc.

The Rockford location, established in 1920, is home to six forging lines, four coining presses, three heat treat furnaces, two wheelabrators, a steel shear, tool room, indoor die storage area and large outdoor steel storage area. The main Forgings & Stampings office is also located in Rockford.
The Rockford location is comprised of the Corporate Headquarters and a 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The Rockford plant has six forging hammer lines in a range from 1000 lb. to 3000 lb. These lines include 2 gravity board drop hammers and 4 Lasco KGK conversions. This range of equipment size allows us to produce forgings ranging from less than a pound up to 8 pounds. All steel bars are heated in natural gas fired slot furnaces.

A fully equipped tool room and die maintenance area allow us to repair any worn tooling as required so that all tooling remains in top condition. All tooling is stored inside our facility on die racks to allow for quick set up times when we change jobs.

In addition to the six forging lines, our Rockford plant houses many other production capabilities. A 500 Ton mechanical steel shear allows us to cut incoming bars to proper forging length. Two Wheelabrator machines in sizes of 5 and 14 Cu. Ft. allow us to provide our customers with clean forgings that are free from scale.

Our Rockford facility houses three Lindberg Super-Cyclone Pit Furnaces. These heat treat furnaces give us the ability to provide both in-house normalizing and annealing operations to our customers. Also located in Rockford are four mechanical coining presses. These presses allow Forgings & Stampings to provide forgings that meet tighter tolerances for straightness, flatness and thickness.

1025 23rd Ave Rockford, IL 61104