Superior Joining Technologies, Inc.

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. has grown from a one man specialty welding shop in 1992 to a multimillion dollar specialty process business that offers a host of services offered by a team with expertise in many areas. Additionally, if we don\’t have the capability in-house, we are networked with many area suppliers so that you give us your order and we parcel it out to the best-qualified supplier, take care of inspections, and deliver a completed, tested part on time to you. Take the hassle out of sourcing suppliers and deal with your no-fuss specialty supplier – SJTi.

In-house Specialty Processes – TIG welding, Micro-Laser welding, Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, FAA Repair Station, Resistance – Spot and Rotary Seam Welding, Longitudinal Seam Weld, Roll Forming, Laser Part Marketing, Multiaxis Laser Cutting and Welding, CMM Inspection. Qialifications –