Communication Coil, Inc.

Communication Coil has been designing and producing high reliability Filter Networks, RF Coils, Chokes, Inductors, Baluns, Toroids and Power Magnetics since 1944 to high-exacting standards for communications and signal communications and signal processing in military, industrial, avionics, satellite, telemetry, marine, GPS and commercial applications.

Assured Reliability
Custom Designs
Timely Delivery
Manufactured to Specifications

​Using the latest CAE and CAD Technology, our engineers use patented and proprietary synthesis software to perform complete simulations of your unique design requirements. Our optimization system enables us to rapidly reproduce reliable, up-to-date designs.

We will cusom design networks to meet the exacting requirements of time or frequency domain and attenuation levels required for tomorrow’s needs. Each and every unit is 100% parametric tested. Our ultra-modern computerized network testing equipment also provides complete printouts and performance curves of each component, if desired. Complete lot traceability is available.

Our award-winning quality control program is approved by major customers worldwide. Our components are designed and manufactured in Arcade, New York U.S.A to meet rigid global marketplace demands.

9601 Soreng Ave Schiller Park, IL 60176