Pal Midwest Ltd

Frank Sagona who was a registered pharmacist and former chemistry instructor at University of Illinois developed PALADIN. Mr. Sagona owned his store back in the days when a pharmacy was a pharmacy, customers enjoyed phosphates or ice cream at the soda fountain and pharmacists actually weighed out and formulated many prescription medicines. During his work as a pharmacist, he was frequently asked if there was any product that could relieve the many symptoms of diaper rash. Doctors and parents were stumped and the babies were very uncomfortable. After returning home from a fishing trip with some local doctor friends, Frank Sagona thought about the pediatrician\’s story of frustration over being unable to help his many diaper rash patients. The young pharmacist, being an innovative man and a knowledgeable chemist, knew he could find the answer to the diaper rash problem. He began right away and often worked well into the late night. Mr. Sagona\’s quest was to find the very best, most effective ingredients which he would then blend using a precise, unique method. The result was a beautiful, creamy ointment that went on smoothly and cleaned up easily. Made in an F.D.A. inspected facility our ointments are made with 100% safe ingredients. Remember the fishing buddy who was the frustrated pediatrician? Well, he no longer has to feel helpless when babies cry because of diaper rash irritation. Mr. Sagona had given a sample to the doctor. The doctor used the ointment on a patient with the most severe diaper rash he\’d ever seen. The baby stopped crying almost instantly after application of the pharmacist\’s ointment and the next morning, the rash was healing nicely. The mother\’s only worry now was where to find more of the product that really works! Frank Sagona named his ointment PALADIN and registered it with the F.D.A.. With little and, in some places, no advertising, the superiority of PALADIN DIAPER RASH OINTMENT has spread throughout the United States simply because \”IT REALLY WORKS\”.

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