Arrow Gear Company

Arrow\’s ability to manufacture gearing products which are capable of meeting the most demanding customer requirements has created an extensive and diverse list of customers – supplying both aerospace and commercial applications. Mr. Cervinka credited this as a key variable in Arrow’s longevity, citing that having a broad range of customers prevents reliance on any particular industry.

Arrow\’s Plant in Downers Grove, Illinois
Arrow\’s Plant in Downers Grove, Illinois
A key distinction of Arrow Gear is the company\’s extensive expertise in the production of spiral bevel gears. In fact, producing spiral bevel gears – which are inherently complex to manufacture – was an original goal of the company founders. \”We wanted to get paid for our brains, not for how many chips we could make.\” In view of this, it is interesting to note that Arrow’s advanced design and development assistance capabilities for gear tooth contact pattern are sought after by some of the world’s top producers of aerospace systems.

2301 Curtiss St Downers Grove, IL 60515