Anpec Industries Inc.

Here are some, but not all, of the industries we serve:

Energy (Wind)
Energy (Wind)
Food and Beverage
General Machining

Anpec’s quality department uses Measurlink (STATmeasure for CMM applications) software by Mitutoyo for real-time inspection of parts in process.

It supports a wide variety of graphic display including; control charts, tolerance charts, histogram, detailed statistics and more.

Parts can be checked at stations throughout the facility, including the CMM, and the data is readily available by quality control for monitoring and analysis.

Charts are monitored in real-time and organized from worst case to best case according to the options selected by quality. Management is alerted of problem areas immediately.

Capability can be monitored at a customer’s request and reported via the analyzer program for continual improvement efforts.

All of Anpec’s gages are tracked using a management program to alert the quality department if a gage is due for calibration or to track a gage throughout the shop.

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