Innovation Tuesday – Latest Tools for Manufacturing

Tuesday, February 13
5:30 – 7:30 pm
NIU EIGERlab, 8500 E. State Street, Rockford
Cost: $15
Register Online

Innovation_Tuesdays_Logo - Creating Your Business PlanDuring February’s Meetup, leading experts in this field will introduce you to the latest tools to virtually test materials and manufacturing processes such as casting and additive manufacturing. This Meetup is your chance to see how these tools can assist you with growing your business or help to improve your existing business. Determine how to partner with these leaders to help to assess your needs and determine how to begin. As always, EIGERlab is positioned to assist with your success.

February’s Meetup will be the first in a series regarding development capabilities so don’t miss out.

NIU College of Engineering | Federico Sciammarell

NIU EIGERlab | Mike Cobert

Product Development & Analysis | Jiten Shah

Questek | Abhinav Saboo