Annual Meeting 2019

The RAEDC proudly welcomes Rebecca Ryan as the keynote speaker at our Annual Meeting.

Future Tense

How artificial intelligence, next-gen workforce, and the global economy will shape Rockford’s future
Fourteen years ago, Rebecca spoke at our annual conference and shared predictions for the future. We’ll revisit those and identify where she was right, where she was wrong, and where our region EXCEEDED forecasts. Rebecca will also make a set of new forecasts: about how artificial intelligence, workforce trends, and the global economy will shape Rockford for the next decade.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
5:00 – 8:00 pm
Giovanni’s Restaurant & Convention Center

About Rebecca Ryan
Rebecca Ryan is trained as a futurist and an economist, Rebecca helps clients see what’s coming – as a keynote speaker, a Futures Lab facilitator, an author of books, blogs and articles, a client advisor, and the founder of Futurist Camp.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, contact Jarid Funderburg, VP of Business & Investor Relations.