Industrial Partnership

The initial Industrial Partnership Agreement between the City of Lidköping and the City of Rockford was signed in 2006, renewed in 2011 and expanded in 2014. The partnership has recently been extended through 2020.

Linnea Bengtsson Industrial Partnership Lidkoping SwedenLinnea Bengtsson, from our Industrial Partnership City of Lidköping and County of Skaraborg, Sweden works at Rockford City Hall when in the area.

Ms. Linnea Bengtsson works as an International Business Developer for the City of Lidköping and County of Skaraborg, Sweden. Ms. Bengtsson has an office on the 2nd floor of City Hall in Rockford where she is representing the City of Lidköping and County of Skaraborg. Bengtsson is alternating her time between Rockford and her home town Lidköping, where she also has an office at City Hall.

Ms. Bengtsson works with creating a platform that offers companies and organizations from Sweden, primarily Lidköping and Skaraborg, contacts in the United States, primarily in the Rockford Region.

Bengtsson is instrumental in fostering and maintaining international collaborations with a focus on education, economic & community development and sustainability.

In 2006 the City of Rockford signed an Industrial Partnership Agreement with the City of Lidköping, with the overall purpose to generate economic growth for respective cities and regions. The agreement has been updated and expanded. The mission of the partnership (which is different from Rockford´s sister city relationship signed in 2002, with Swedish city Borgholm on the Island of Öland), is to serve as an economic development tool and to help each region to grow locally by working globally.


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