Global Partner Search

Accelerate Your Global Growth Strategy

The RAEDC Global Partner Search (GPS) Program is an international matchmaking program connecting Rockford Region companies to global markets with minimal risk and investment. The program also serves to connect foreign companies to trade and expansion opportunities in the Rockford Region.

RAEDC Global Partner Search (GPS) Program

  • Connects Rockford Region companies to international business development partners
  • Diversifies market share and supply chain, enhances innovation and creates sustainable long term growth for Rockford Region companies
  • Increases opportunities for foreign direct investment in the Rockford Region

How does it work

Why participate

  • Develop and diversify business
  • Define and focus your international goals
  • GPS program is low risk, minimal financial investment

Who should participate

  • Manufacturers
  • Manufacturing service providers
  • Professional service providers

Partnerships can take many forms, including

  • Distributors
  • Production partners
  • Marketing partners
  • Professional service partners
  • Joint-venture partners
  • Equity partners

If you have questions contact the RAEDC at or 815.987.8118.