The hydraulics industry in the Rockford Region has existed for many years. The oldest operating manufacturer began operating in 1923.

Today there are more than 43 companies, employing over 1,800 skilled individuals. Creating products ranging from cylinders used in emergency medical technician’s gurneys to water chillers, the longevity these companies display reflect the innovation required to remain relevant in today’s competitive advanced manufacturing industry.

Business-Friendly Community

The Rockford Region boasts pro-development oriented communities with a history of supporting the growth needs of advanced manufacturing. The region features a collaborative economic development effort that encourages innovation and supplier development.

Unparalleled Global Access

The region’s location allows for convenient access to regional, national and international markets. As part of the world’s third-largest multi-modal port system, the Rockford Region offers international airports, major interstate connections, ocean and river ports and rail services that provide effortless and cost-effective worldwide movement of employees, customers and products. The Rockford Region is only an hour away from Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). It also boasts the Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD), a leading cargo airport in the country.