Data Centers

The Rockford Region is an ideal location for data centers. Illinois is ranked 2nd between Virginia and Silicon Valley for Data Centers.

With 4 shovel-ready data center sites available in the Rockford, IL MSA, tax credits and incentives, clean and renewable power sources, and availability to high capacity water service, we are ready to welcome you!

Minimal Risk

Located in North-Central Illinois the Rockford Region has fewer weather and natural disaster-related incidents than other parts of the nation.

Available Workforce

From construction through daily operation we have the workforce you need. The Rockford MSA has an abundant workforce of 176,700 people, and this group has strong technical and engineering skills and, of course, our great Midwest work ethic. The workforce grows to 453,000 within a 45-minute commute. All of this combined makes us the perfect location for your data center.


Access to affordable and reliable utilities.

We have the 2nd lowest energy costs in the U.S. and have been ranked in the top 10% for fewest power customer interruptions. Additionally, ComEd has committed to modernizing the power system in Illinois, embarking on a 10-year, $2.6 billion Smart Grid program. Illinois is ranked 3rd in the country for grid modernization, 10 spots ahead of its closest Midwest neighbor.

Illinois has the 6th lowest electricity-generated carbon emissions in the country, helping companies reach their sustainability goals quickly.

Data Centers located in the Rockford Region can benefit from our seasonal weather by utilizing cooler months to provide cold air to the facilities, cutting back on energy consumption.  

Fiber Infrastructure

Our region is loaded with ultra high speed and redundant fiber infrastructure that is directly connected to the Greater Chicago Regional Area Network. Additionally, Rockford Region customers can be served by more than one broadband provider, providing further redundancy.

Dark fiber exists throughout the region, particularly along interstates 90 and 39.

Credits and Exemptions

The data centers investment program provides owners and operators with exemptions from a variety of state and local taxes for qualifying Illinois data centers.

The program also provides data center owners and operators with a tax credit of 20% of wages paid for construction workers for projects located in underserved areas.