Labor Shed Analysis

Rockford has the Workforce You Need!

Nearly 21% of the Rockford Area workforce is employed in manufacturing, which is twice the national average.The Rockford Region is a community that still understands shift work and values companies that need employees with industrial skills.

The recent edition of the Northern Stateline Economy & Jobs Report on employers found the Rockford Region’s Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) labor-shed contains a workforce of 176,700 and the larger Economic Development Region (EDR) of a four-county region with a workforce of over 228,600.


  • Within a 2 hour commute, one can reach approximately 13 million people
  • Within a 30-40 minute commute of the Rockford Region MSA, one can reach a total population of approximately 445,800 people
  • The labor force is determined to be approximately 176,700 people
  • The labor shed contains approximately 11,000 unemployed people who are actively seeking work
  • Approximately 48,500 people commute out of Winnebago and Boone counties to work
  • When surveyed, 73% of the commuting individuals said they would consider taking a job in Boone or Winnebago County if one comparable to their current job became available, 47% indicated that they would be willing to take a job in Boone/Winnebago County that was available, but not comparable to their current job.

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