Become an Investor

Economic Development is promoting our region and our industry clusters outside the region to try to recruit more businesses & jobs, and to help existing businesses with the resources they need to grow and expand. Today, there are opportunities for jobs yet a lack of employees with the skill sets required to fill them. With skill set concerns, education and workforce require diligent collaborative efforts with our partners.

The RAEDC, its investors, and stakeholders work diligently to generate significant job opportunities in the region; however, in this increasingly competitive world, we are all vying for the same limited resources. We must continue our collaboration in developing opportunities for growth and a workforce pipeline that meets today’s employment needs and those of the future.


The Rockford Area Economic Development Council is funded solely through investments by Private Sector Companies, Public Sector Municipalities, Labor and Trade Unions, Business Organizations, Quasi-Governmental Organizations, Educational Institutions, and Nonprofit Agencies. Investors pool resources together to sustain the work of the organization, as everyone benefits from having a stronger, more sustainable economy. Annual investments range from $2,000 per year up to $300,000 per year.

Interested to find out more, please contact RAEDC Director of Investor Relations Matt Zarembski.