Meet our Leadership

Board of Directors

The Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC) Board of Directors provides leadership and broadens considerations about how the RAEDC will achieve its mission and goals.

Executive Committee

Eric Cunningham - Rockwell Collings - UTC Aerospace SystemsBoard Chair, Eric Cunningham, Executive Director, Collins Aerospace
Eric Cunningham is the Board Chair for 2021 and 2022. The goal established during his tenure is to make progress moving down the path of increasing Company Attraction and Expansion efforts, to focus on reaching out for new opportunities.

Vice-Chair/Treasurer, Jimmy Rozinsky, Owner, Spectrum Insurance
Jimmy Rozinsky - RAEDC Board of Directors - Spectrum InsuranceJimmy Rozinsky currently serves on the RAEDC Board of Directors as Vice Chairman and Treasurer. Rozinsky will be Board Chair of the RAEDC Board following Eric Cunningham in 2023.


  • Christopher Anderson, Principal, Larson & Darby Group
  • David Anspaugh, Executive Director, Northern Illinois Building Contractors Association
  • Edward C. Berg, President and Chief Executive Officer, First Northern Credit Union
  • Conor Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Rockford Area REALTORS
  • Gina Caronna, Executive Director, The Workforce Connection
  • Rebecca Epperson, President, Chartwell Agency
  • David Forward, Vice President, Operations, Woodward, Inc.
  • George Gaulrapp, External Affairs Manager, ComEd
  • Alan Golden, Business Manager and Financial Secretary, NW Building & Construction Trades
  • Thomas Green, Partner, Barrick, Switzer, Long, Balsley & Van Evera
  • John Groh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rockford Area Conv. & Visitors Bureau
  • Michael (Mick) Gronewold, Principal and Chairman of the Board, FehrGraham
  • LoRayne Logan, Founder and President, Workplace
  • Caitlin Pusateri, President, Rockford Chamber of Commerce
  • Joel Sjostrom, Chief Executive Officer, Sjostrom & Sons, Inc.
  • Therese Thill, President, RAEDC

For more information about serving on the RAEDC Board of Directors, contact Matt Zarembski, Director of Investor Relations at