Welcome Alex Keedi

Alex Keedi - Headshot in front of Brown backdrop.
Alex Keedi

Alex Keedi joins RAEDC’s team as the Business Development Manager. His focus is on connecting with regional businesses and conducting business retention visits. In addition to this responsibility, Alex will also stay apprised of governmental business support and incentive programs, identify business growth projects, and help identify economic assistance and financial resources for business expansions and relocations.

Alex has been a lifelong Rockford resident and learned early on the importance of a thriving community at the individual and economic levels. With the sole intention of serving his hometown, he attended Northern Illinois University and obtained a B.A. in Psychology.

Prior to joining RAEDC, Alex served in the Non-Profit sector wearing many hats with various organizations. These roles allowed him to network and create relationships with various stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels to bring support and self-sufficiency programming, resources, and federal dollars to underserved populations.

He is now taking these talents and skills to assist RAEDC improve and sustain the economic growth of the Rockford region through intentional relationship building and regular communication with existing businesses. In his free time, Alex loves to spend time in nature, attend live music shows wherever they may be, and lives peacefully with his 10-Year-old Great Dane, Prince.

“What I bring to the table is a commitment to service, a desire to provide direct value to individuals and my community, and a passion for life despite the complexities of our society”.

Existing businesses drive more than 80 percent of all job creation and capital investment. These candid conversations with primary businesses focus on trends in their specific industry, providing resources to help them grow, and create connections with other businesses. RAEDC uses these opportunities to learn about pinch-points, keep up to date with real-world experiences, and help keep our local economy healthy.

Alex will be working with Gerald (Jerry) Sagona, VP of Business Development to conduct 150 business retention visits in 2022.

If your company is interested in a business retention visit, contact AKeedi@RockfordIL.com or GSagona@RockfordIL.com.