2020 Rockforward20/20 Results Report Released

The Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC) releases the 2020 edition of the Rockforward20/20 Results Report. This double edition features an in-depth PDF version of the report as well as a PowerPoint version featuring highlights from the year.

2020 Rockforward20/20 Results Report Cover - RAEDC Annual Report
2020 Rockforward20/20 Results Report

This publication demonstrates the commitment to our community and the desire to build upon the economic well-being of our region. Throughout 2020 the staff of the RAEDC has shifted gears, reprioritized, and innovated to ensure the needs of investors and the community, in general, had the information needed to navigate through the pandemic.

The daily work of economic development has continued. The RAEDC responded to requests for information from brokers and site selectors, hosted matchmaking sessions during MAC2020, and finding solutions to problems that will allow businesses to continue being successful and expand while remaining in the region.

To add value to our community the RAEDC started ED Talks, webinars focused on leadership and business development each month and Your EDC; Moving Our Region Forward to help our region understand what the RAEDC does and how it affects the community’s quality of life, businesses, and the people in our community.

Eric Cunningham took over as Board Chair on January 1st, 2021 from Mike Paterson of Midwest Family Broadcasting who has served in that position since 2019.

The Rockforward20/20 strategic plan will extend through December 31, 2021 due to the unification of the RAEDC and the Rockford Chamber of Commerce. The goals and purpose of the RAEDC will remain unchanged and the daily work of economic development will be to continue to cultivate opportunities for primary job growth and business growth that increases the economic well-being of our region.

The RAEDC is continuing to measure the economic development impact measurements

  • 70% completed of the 8 million square feet of new or renovated space goal
  • 71% completed of the 10,500 new or retained jobs goal
  • 135% completed of the $925 million capital investment goal

The accomplishments of the past year and the daily work of economic development are made possible through the support of our investors.

Download the complete 2020 Rockforward20/20 Results Report (PDF) or the 2020 Rockforward20/20 Results Report Highlights (PPT)