Rockfordward20/20 Progress

The current Rockforward20/20 strategy began January 1, 2016 and will now continue through December 31, 2021.

The RAEDC remains committed to continuous improvement, always evaluating our priorities to ensure we’re asking the right questions and pushing for the right solutions. We are proactive in cultivating opportunities that increase the economic well-being of our region.

Our region’s success is ours to influence. We embrace a bold vision for our community, to stake our claim on the national stage, to be a Top 25 community because we want the region to be competitive with the best in the U.S. – a shining example to others.

The momentum continues as leaders commit themselves to the future, with the courage to find the right path – the one that positively affects our community. Our work is conducted with a passion for excellence that is unified in our commitment to one another and to sustainability.

The work of economic development critical to attracting and retaining jobs and ensuring our community remains a place people want to live and conduct business.

From January 1, 2016 to September 30, 2020 the region has reported the following figures towards the Rockforward20/20 progress towards obtaining our goals.

Economic Impact Capital Investment
Capital InvestmentNew & Retained JobsNew & Renovated Space
Current Total7,419$1,240,501,7325,526,162 sq ft
Percentage to Goal74,16%134.11%69.1%

We have exceeded the Capital Investment goal and are closing in on the other two goals. The unification initiative and decisions means our region has an additional year to reach these three key economic indicators as part of the Rockforward20/20 progress on our strategic plan.

The daily work of economic development is made possible through the support of our investors and is a critical component of creating a business and lifestyle friendly region that is competitive with our Midwestern neighbors.