Manufacturing Month 2020 with CEANCI

CEANCI needs your help!

Manufacturing Month - MFG Day - CEANCI

This year they are in need of some “virtual” content or ideas and statistics for this year’s Manufacturing Day event. Since Students will not have guest speakers, tours, or the mini expo like previous years, CEANCI will be providing four weeks of content in place of the standard program.  This will go out to the 9 school districts they serve so would be grateful for anything you have.  

Examples could be, but are not limited to: 

  • Pre-recorded videos about aerospace, engineering, transportation, distribution, and logistics (logistics engineer) 
  • Pre-recorded videos about the trades 
  • Anything interesting (videos, facts, figures, interviews) in the food, beverage, & textile industry
  • Small project-based learning tasks with instructions, rubrics for students (welding, construction, engineering, 3D) 
  • Interesting statistics in your industry that kids would find as “cool”

Deadline for submissions is October 1st

If interested or for more information Beth Mead can be reached at or by calling 815-921-8471.

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