High-Performance Cultures: The Takeaways

Did you know that In the United States, 67% of employees are not engaged or even worse; are toxic at work? This statistic is extremely influential towards a company’s financial success, and the health of the organization.

RAEDC welcomed Don Harkey, CEO of People Centric Consulting Group, back to the region following our Annual Meeting last November. He took some time expanding on some key insights that will help your company understand the importance and influence workplace cultures have on the bottom line.

Don explained how culture impacts productivity and profitability and helped attendees discover what systems can be incorporated into a business to create and manage a high-performance culture.

This is the third seminar organized by RAEDC’s CARE Team (Company Attraction, Retention, & Expansion Team), previous events include Transition & Succession Planning and Credits & Incentives.

Here is a quick look at his presentation and some key takeaways.