Siffron Breaks Ground on $20M Facility

Our region has another reason to celebrate! Siffron broke ground on its new facility in Loves Park on May 13, 2019.

The new distribution and warehouse space will result in an estimated $20M initial investment by the organization into the region and 319,000 sqft of new space added to the market with the option to increase that footprint to 500,000 sqft of space.

Siffron Breaking Ground on their new facility in Loves Park.
Senator Dave Syverson; Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL16th District); Dan Fogarty, Becknell; Mayor Greg Jury; Ryan Fitzgerald, Spring Creek Development Group; Drew Phillips, Siffron; Robb Northrop, Siffron; Karen Walsh, CBRE; Nathan Bryant, Rockford Area Economic Development Council

“We love to see re-investment in the region by companies that have established businesses and supply chains. This type of commitment to both employees and the region helps to increase the economic well-being of our region,” states Nathan Bryant, president & CEO of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council.

Founded in 2017, Siffron was formed by joining together two industry leaders: Southern Imperial and FFR Merchandising. Retailers and brand manufacturers look to Siffron to create and supply solutions to current retail challenges. This includes everything from increasing merchandising space, product turns, and brand recognition to reducing theft, spoilage, and labor costs. Siffron’s goal is to identify and implement the perfect solution to help our customers increase sales and profit margins. Our global footprint, coupled with local partner response times, allows us to work as a seamless extension of your operations.