AS9100 & RAAN Members

Dear RAAN Member,

It was great seeing you at this year’s RAAN Aerospace Symposium on April 23rd, hosted by The Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC).  From the exhibitors to the breakout sessions and the awesome keynote speaker, Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of NASA, it was truly a spectacular event.

RVC & RAEDC offer AS9100 Certification

In collaboration with RAEDC’s Jarid Funderburg, Vice President of Business Investor Relations, the Business and Professional Institute of Rock Valley College was an exhibitor at the Symposium informing RAAN members about continuous improvement and AS9100 Quality Registration. AS9100 Registration is internationally recognized as the Quality Management System that provides a foundation for the aircraft and aerospace industries to provide safe, quality products and services.

Many RAAN members have expressed an interest in becoming AS9100 Certified, but they believe it is cost prohibitive.  To help companies become AS9100 certified we are in the process of organizing a cohort program to reduce costs and improve efficiency in obtaining the certification.  With this letter, we are hoping to get a better understanding of how many companies are interested so that we may create cost estimates to obtain your certification along with a proposed training schedule.

For those RAAN members who would like to become AS9100 certified, but are currently not ISO 9001 certified we can help you navigate that process also.

We are planning to start both the AS9100 and ISO 9001 certification classes in June so those pursuing their AS9100 will be certified by 2020.

In order to gain certification, your company will participate in the following steps: 

  • Learn about the Standard,
  • Perform a Gap Analysis,
  • Plan your project,
  • Train your organization,
  • Document your Quality Management System,
  • Implement your QMS and conduct business. 

Also, be trained to do the Internal Audits required on your QMS and go through the registration audit stages to successful completion and registration.

We are excited about the RAAN AS9100 Cohort Program and hope you will be joining us for an exciting aerospace certification journey.

If you are interested in joining the cohort or have additional questions, please reply to by Monday, June 3, 2019.

Bernie Luecke
Director of Rock Valley College BPI 

Jarid Funderburg
Vice President of Business Investor Relations RAEDC