Superior Joining Technologies’ Newest Investment Closes the Gap in Laser Welding Services

The ability to introduce filler material into varying geometries and fit characteristics allows customers to produce tight tolerance components required for laser welding.

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. (SJTI) has acquired a new modular laser deposition technology (LDT) welding system to close a gap in their array of precision welding services.

modular laser deposition technology (LDT) welding system

The laser powder welder can be equipped with 300, 450, 600, or 900 W laser sources to provide a wide range of objectives and focal lengths for unique welding jobs that feature varying geometry and fit characteristics. Filler metal is introduced into the laser weld joint, allowing greater control to depth of weld penetration, limited distortion of the substrate, and reduced additional corrective machining for thinner materials and small to mid-sized assemblies.

“The addition of a fiber laser power source is a necessary step in the modernization of our equipment and the effort to upgrade the technology we use in the service of our clientele and compliance with the high standards of NADCAP accreditation for laser welding,” says Thomas Shelow, Vice President of New Business Development at SJTI.

This acquisition provides STJI’s staff with a higher level of competence in the service of their existing customers and known prospects. It also allows them to revisit more conventional applications previously abandoned with better solutions that fit each customer’s unique design specifications.

With this newest addition, Shelow says that SJTI now has the capabilities to join materials that otherwise could not be welded, and to create complex geometries that were once difficult to produce — providing a valuable design advantage to a variety of industries.

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