Jarid Funderburg Joins RAEDC as VP of Business & Investor Relations

The RAEDC is pleased to announce the addition of Jarid Funderburg as the Vice President of Business & Investor Relations

Jarid Funderburg - VP of Business and Investor Relations“It’s exciting to welcome Jarid to the team. He has the unique ability to serve the business community, with the highest level of economic development experience, while simultaneously raising investment into a not-for-profit organization. The greater Rockford region will be well served with Jarid in this new role.” says Nathan Bryant, president & CEO of the RAEDC.

In his role as the VP of Business & Investor Relations, Jarid will be working with existing companies to provide business solutions and develop greater connections within our region. He will also be responsible for working with our existing investors of the organization and fostering new investment. As our region continues to collaborate and cultivate opportunities for primary job growth having Jarid in the role will allow the region to become a Top-25 community.

The RAEDC continues the work of Rockforward20/20 which extends through December of 2020. The role of VP of Business and Investor Relations is critical to ensuring the region continues to demonstrate a history of delivering successes.

Jarid was raised in the greater Rockford area and is committed to the success of the region. He’s an active golfer belonging to the Aldeen Men’s Golf Association and a 3rd generation scow sailor racing every weekend available.

Please welcome Jarid Funderburg into the RAEDC family, as he begins his journey with the organization mid-December.